Sidekiq in Practice

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Are you using Sidekiq to process your background jobs, but struggling with it as your application scales? Sidekiq can scale to 5,000 jobs per second with just a little effort and knowledge: in Sidekiq in Practice, I'll show you how.

Sidekiq in Practice takes a step-by-step approach towards building a complex, real-world application that runs a massive volume of jobs through Sidekiq.

Contents include:

1. How to understand scaling: how many processes and servers you need, and how to autoscale them efficiently.

2. Idempotency: Increase your scalability by discarding "unique jobs" and instead use basic computer science to make jobs work regardless of the number of times they are enqueued

3. Memory bloat. How to reduce and diagnose memory problems that are causing you to deal with massive server bills.

4. Concurrency settings, thread safety, queue design and structures, database pool sizes, and more.

Here's what you'll receive:

  • An interactive workshop, driven by a command-line experience. (try it now: gem install skp && skp list)

  • 9 hands-on exercises which show you how to put the principles of the course into real practice.

  • 60 minutes of HD video discussing additional topics on scaling Sidekiq.

  • A 100-page reference of the text content from the workshop, available in multiple formats.

  • An invite to the Rails Performance Slack channel, an exclusive 5-year-old community of senior Rails developers, Ruby and Rails core team members, and gem authors that are interested in performance.

Sidekiq Pro and/or Enterprise are not required. The workshop mostly covers features in Sidekiq OSS.

About the Author:

Nate Berkopec is the author of the Complete Guide to Rails Performance, the Ruby on Rails Performance Apocrypha, and the Rails Performance Workshop. He is also the maintainer of puma, the popular Ruby webserver. Nate, through his company Speedshop, has educated thousands of Rails developers on how to make more performant Ruby applications.

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A command-line-driven workshop on scaling Sidekiq

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Sidekiq in Practice

37 ratings
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